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Better Sleep, Backed By Science

Sleepie uses lights, sounds, and smells that are proven to help you fall asleep faster, and wake up happier.

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Automate Your Sleep Cycle

You control Sleepie right from your phone. Just tell it what time you want to sleep and Sleepie will prepare your room for you. When it's time to wake up, Sleepie gradually lights up and diffuses just the right amount of energizing scent to help you start your day. 

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Sleepie's Features

  • Blue Light Technology

    Sleepie fills your bedroom with just the right color of light to tell your brain to wake up!

  • Dual Diffusers

    Sleepie allows you to put two scents in its tank at the same time. We recommend lavender to fall asleep and citrus to wake up.

  • High and low frequency sounds

    Sleepie has built-in sounds that are proven to stimulate your brain in the morning, and relax it in the evening.


How does Sleepie Work?

Sleepie uses a combination of lights, smells, and sounds to give you the best night's sleep possible. We tested many variations of the final product to find out which features to add and which to leave out.

Is Sleepie an alarm clock?

No! In fact, we recommend that you don't get rid of your alarm clock or phone you are currently using to wake up. We recommend that you use Sleepie to help your body prepare for your alarm to go off. We aim to help your body be more ready and alert when the alarm sounds.

How do the lights work?

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to wake up before the sun rises? That's because the sun gives off many types of light. Our brains react to that light, and help our bodies wake up. The lights we install in our homes give off the wrong type of light when it comes to waking up. Sleepie turns on slowly with just the right shade of light (6700 kelvin) to let your brain know it's time to wake up!

How do the smells work?

Sleepie has built-in dual oil diffusers. Lavender has been used for centuries to help people sleep and is extensively researched and proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep during the night. Citrus is a smell that has been proven to help you wake up faster and happier. Sleepie is compatible with any essential oil of your choice, but we highly recommend sticking with lavender and citrus.

How do the sounds work?

Our brains react differently to different sounds. You've probably heard of white noise, and you may have even heard of pink, or brown noise. Sleepie uses just the right frequency of sound to help your brain calm down in the evening and feel energized in the morning.

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